(This post is for you by SK, the Mirastars Editor)   Here is my first e-book on Amazon Kindle (http://bit.ly/fasttrackcareer)! I shared a few other e-books before but this is the first one I put on Amazon. Before talking about the book let me just tell you another thing first. […]

Fast Track Your Career From Day One

Since Mirastars project was launched in April, it has finally reached the original target (52 interviews) and it’s now completed! Mirastars was unsearchable at the beginning through Google but now if you Google it you will see relevant results on top. Not bad right! It’s been an exceptionally rewarding journey […]

10 Lessons I Learned From Mirastars Project

Note: This article is in my own words (that’s obvious), Hello I am the editor of Mirastars, Shiangker (SK). Shiangker Wong (SK) Editor, Mirastars    Star Profile Optimist, fitness freak, book worm, tech geek, blogger, backpacker, editor, the ultimate asskicker  Characteristics Hardworking, trustworthy, positive, disciplined  Skills and Passion Personal development, […]

Shiangker Wong: What You Believe, You Can Achieve

Lulu Alhadad, a well known fashion designer for muslimah wear; I have never imagined that one day we would sit down together and have a chat! Despite her ultra busy schedule (2 businesses and 2 kids), in this peak period of Ramadan month, she still made time to meet up. What […]

Lulu Alhadad: Don’t Brood About It, Think About It

Those who know Renzhi in person would agree with me, he is a very humble and practical person, he does things one step at a time. Many times in our conversation he gave a lot of credits to his team, while he was truly low profile and did not brag […]

Renzhi Huang: The Journey Is The Reward

It was totally unexpected to meet Nawal. It was at an Arab Association event, when a friend knew that I’m doing this Mirastars project he promptly suggested me to meet Nawal. “Everyone in Arab community here knows about Nawal!” Wow, that was what he said and I think that said […]

Nawal Alhaddad: Sports Is A Way To Bond With Others

Bear Fong, 33 Feng Shui Consultant    Star Profile A thinker embarks on the quest of Feng Shui  Characteristics humorous, serious about life  Skills and Passion Feng Shui, education  Favorite Quote What do you like to write on your eulogy? Early Days Bear Fong came from a small town in […]

Bear Fong: Feng Shui Is An Essence of Chinese Wisdom

Yuchao and I met during National University of Singapore Entrepreneurs Conference in Jan 2017, we happened to team up and delivered our project pitch together (with a few other project mates). He is only 19 but he impressed me in every way. I have not seen many young teenagers as […]

Yuchao Hong: If You Only Do What You Can Do, ...

Syairah Kimberley, 25 Freelance Artist, www.syairahkimberley.com  Star Profile A young girl who learns things by herself, loves purple and skulls  Characteristics Independent, funny  Skills and Passion Drawing, cooking, reading comics (Marvel stories)  Life Quote Always keep fighting (quote from Jared Padalecki, Supernatural series) Early Days Kimberley wanted to be a vet when she grew […]

Syairah Kimberley: Creating Is My Passion, Dreaming Is My Work

Cai Li, 31 Co-Founder, Airfrov  Star Profile Someone who believes that doing good is doing well for business  Characteristics Stubborn, rebellious, love to share  Skills and Passion Love to play, be it a game of soccer working as a team in building things  Life Quote The day we stop being curious, is […]

Cai Li: The Day We Stop Being Curious, Is The ...

Note: This article is in Cheryl’s own words. Cheryl Ho, 25 Founder, Moxie Fashion    Star Profile A young lady who started her own business at the age of 24  Characteristics Passionate, undaunted, conscientious  Skills and Passion Dance and fashion A good aesthetic eye  Life Quote Doubt kills more dreams […]

Cheryl Ho: Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

Samantha and I met during a business workshop. Apart from the speed networking session we didn’t get a chance to talk more at all, but I was quite interested in what she’s doing. She has a whale on her name card haha! When I reached out to her later, she […]

Samantha Dorri: Running My Own Business Enables Me To Do ...

  Weijie Poh, 34 Co-Founder, PathoVax  Star Profile 43North $500,000 Winner MassChallenge Finalist Startup Leadership Program (Boston) Fellow  Characteristics Dreamer, yet focused  Hobbies Running, marathon  Life Motto  Don’t give up, because sooner or later someone else would, and you will succeed Early Days Weijie came from an average family, with his dad having […]

Weijie Poh: Don’t Give Up, Because Sooner Or Later Someone ...

May Lim, who is relatively petite in size, may be seen as a little more vulnerable than others. That’s of course not true, her ambition is not small at all! She is really mature and speaks like an adult (I mean, being 20s / 30s doesn’t qualify us to be […]

May Lim: Do What’s Right, Not What’s Easy