Fast Track Your Career From Day One

(This post is for you by SK, the Mirastars Editor)


Here is my first e-book on Amazon Kindle (! I shared a few other e-books before but this is the first one I put on Amazon. Before talking about the book let me just tell you another thing first. I once was a 2.05/5.0 (GPA) uni student, you know that kind of embarrassment when most people around me had a 4.5+ cap? It’s real.

But then this “achievement” taught me two things:
1) Failure on one area does not mean we are failures for everything else
2) In terms of job search / career development, academic results are important but not the most critical one

So what are important? I am lucky that many people helped me throughout my career, they taught me a lot of useful and practical things! Not everyone has the chance to have access to mentors or career advisors, therefore I thought to pay them forward. Hence this career guide!

The best part is, two very generous individuals read my first version and edited the whole book for me. Lauriecell Du is someone that I always look up to, she has tremedous amount of corporate experience; while Bruno Lowagie is a founder of million-dollar company, we are very lucky to get to pick their brains too!

Free Download Link –>

Of course this book is not for everyone, not all want to advance their career. You decide =)