Career Tips #2: What To Plan For Your Own Career Development

(This post is part of Career Tips blog series)


“Fail to plan means plan to fail.” We heard that quote before, and it’s so true. Sometimes it puzzles me a lot why would people spend so much time planning on trips but never spend some time to plan for our own career? If we want to advance in our career (or business), we need to have a plan!


1. Who do you want to be in next 2 years, and then next 5 years? (Your Goals)

First understand what you want to achieve in short term and long term. Be creative and daring here, not necessarily based on who you are now.


2. Where are you now?

What skills do you have now? Personal priorities? Values?


3. What skills / network / opportunity to acquire to achieve your goals?

List down those skills that you do not already have but required to achieve your goals. Do you already have the network to support you? For example, great boss, mentor and people within or outside of your company? What kind of project you have to deliver in order to be promoted?


4. How do you want to achieve your goals?

Plot a timeline to acquire the skills that you lack of, and the connections to make.


5. Review, revise, repeat

Review your own career plan regularly (every 6 months). If on track, continue to execute the same plan. If off track, make sure to adjust and get back on.


career plan

Many people also assume managers would help us to manage our career; nope. They could provide guidance and support, but ultimately we are the ones who have to be responsible to manage our own career. Cheers to a brighter future for us!