Kenneth Lou: Founded 2 Companies Before Graduating, Success is by Overcoming Many Failures

I first met Kenneth during a NUS Entrepreneur Conference back in January 2017, he was the moderator for one of the panel discussions. That was the first time I got to know about Seedly and wow it is hot in the market now! But what people didn’t know is all the hard work behind the scene. I have been using smartphone for 5 years now, this is the only time I received a personal mail from founder himself to ask for feedback after downloading his mobile app. 8000+ active users on Seedly, he emailed everyone for feedback. I need to meet him in person. I need to understand what drives him to do all these, how he bounced back from first failed startup and now at the young age of 24, his vision for future. And we met 🙂

Kenneth is super down-to-earth, passionate and very hardworking, though his schedule is always jam-packed he still generously spared his time to meet up and he took notes of all the feedback I shared (or from other users). Such a driven, humble and helpful founder, there is a lot to learn from him!

Kenneth Lou, 24

Co-Founder, Seedly


 Star Profile

  • Founder of two startups before 24 years old
  • NUS Kent Ridge Scholar
  • SMBA Young Entrepreneur of the year 2015

  • Hardworking, Innovative, Trustworthy (HIT)
  • Afraid of failure, missing out
 Skills and Passion

  • Startup, technology, business modelling, team-leading
  • Growth mindset, Buddhism, Gaming, Soccer, Tennis
 Life Quote

  • If you don’t die, you can go one more time


Early Days

A director of international blockbuster movies wannabe when Kenneth was a kid, he rose from a school boy who scored 206 in PSLE to top secondary school cohort, and later NUS Kent-Ridge university scholar. “I could be good at other things if I put my mind to it.”

Journey to Entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurial seed was already planted in Kenneth when he was just 7 years old, by selling ice gems and drawings on the bus. During his teenage time, he founded Novelsys at 19 (the wireless charging hardware startup) and managed to raise over $80,000 on Kickstarter and $55,000 in private markets. However his team had to go back to school and hence disbanded after shipping out 625 units to USA, Singapore, UK and a few other countries.

How is Kenneth Doing Now?

Today, Kenneth’s fintech startup Seedly is one of the hottest in town. He saw a big problem in personal finance and at the right time met his super talented co-founder, that was how Seedly founded. With over 8000 active users within just 6 months, Kenneth’s vision is to grow Seedly to be personal finance assistant in the pockets of a million young professionals worldwide.

Vision for the Future

Kenneth sees himself as someone growing companies and in the startup space in next 10 years. If given unlimited amount of money, he would invest in fellow startups and tech companies as he likes to see people working on big ideas and making it one day through failures. Such a big thinker! We need people like this 🙂

Some Lessons Learnt

  • The best thing in life is that it is one way, and you can only change what happens next; your next move is the most important one
  • Stay humble and motivated, bad days will pass

  Company Profile


Mobile application, Fintech

  • Provides a consolidated view of expenses and income, by pooling your financial statements all in one place
  • Tracks personal budget and spending patterns

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