3 Useful Platforms That Connect Mentors And Mentees

We talk a lot about how important it is to have great mentors, a good mentor can help us save tremendous amount of time and mistakes! Question is, where to find them? Besides looking for guidance from people around us, here are 3 great platforms to connect you with the right mentors.

1) Mentspot


Whether it is about personal development, business, career, health or study (and many other more areas), you can find a mentor on this platform. Good mentors in the right field are rare, Mentspot makes it easy to find the right fit!

2) Clarity


Starting out new business and not sure if you are on the right track? Look no further to get expert review and feedback! Clarity connects you with serial entrepreneurs or people working in this area, no problem can not be solved here.

3) Linkedin

Yes! Linkedin has an extended feature (only limited to certain countries for now) to match mentors with mentees, just like Tinder matching dates. Most of the senior Linkedin users are happy to give back / pay it forward, question is, are you willing to learn?