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Yosin and I were ex-colleagues years ago before she started her company. My impression that she is always very helpful, delivers work quickly and very energetic! That was 3-4 years ago, and she hasn’t changed much when we met again recently. Many of us stuck at a job that we didn’t like, but not many would take action like Yosin. I really admire her courage to follow her heart and pursue her passion! Although things might not be always green on the other side, but she’s definitely happier living a life full with purpose.

Yosin Anggusti, 26

Founder, Foodingo & Calivu


 Star Profile

  • Someone who keeps learning and discovering new things around from different people, different time, different places
  • Very much a nature lover, likes adventure and tends to be optimistic most of the time

  • Optimistic, energetic, imperfect
 Skills and Passion

  • Occasional travelling, exploring the unknown to learn new things
  • Decent at socialising, understanding and listening
 Life Motto / Quote

  • Never stop learning
  • Less is more



Yosin Timeline

Journey to Entrepreneurship

When she was a kid she already wanted to be someone who can positively contribute to the community because it is rewarding. It was not hard to see that how her first job would be a big conflict for her. When she was in a corporate, a lot of things were unjustified between value creation to the end chain in the business and administrative or overhead work. So she did what was right for her – quit.

Troubled by 9kg of weight gain in 1 year (a lot of us gain weight after graduation, no?), she wanted to live a healthy lifestyle and helped others to achieve the same, by eating enough food and doing enough activities. With that vision in mind, she decided to start up Foodingo with her ex-colleague Arif, which aims to simplify healthy lifestyle through intelligent technology.

It’s Never One Straight Path

Startup is not an easy route to escape from corporate world. Foodingo as an intelligent personal nutritionist gadget, after years of trying wasn’t really growing in Singapore. Market is too small in terms of population, they need to go to somewhere else. Thankfully her co-founder, Arif (originally from Pakistan) saw the potential to take Foodingo to Pakistan. And they did! Foodingo switched their focus to Pakistan, business had quickly expanded since then. Yosin and her team also launched second product line, Calivu in 2016 to continue to support business growth.

Look back to the early days of Foodingo, biggest challenge for Yosin was getting long term visionary people to be on board. Most people look at economic return fast and lifestyle change is not a short term change, it takes time to get rid of bad habits and cultivate new good ones.

Yosin’s Personal Sharing

  • The most important thing (or event) to become who she is today, was simply to be honest to yourself and to others
  • Never think that you are the unluckiest person on earth and are experiencing the worst situation because that is not true. You can do what you want, and you probably do not need more resources except time and good health

  Company Profile


Mobile App, Health and Fitness


  • Foodingo is your personal nutrition assistant,help you to find and eat healthier food anywhere you are

Get Healthier Now!

  Company Profile


Mobile App, Health and Fitness

  • Calivu aims to address bad eating choices and sedentary lifestyle issues by providing personalised access to healthy eating – recipes and food that caters to your taste preferences down to the last ingredient as well as calorie count
  • Calivu follows your activities through the day and suggests you the most delicious food treats without the guilt of over-consuming

Checkout Calivu!

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