Yuchao Hong: If You Only Do What You Can Do, You Will Never Be More Than Who You Are Now

Yuchao and I met during National University of Singapore Entrepreneurs Conference in Jan 2017, we happened to team up and delivered our project pitch together (with a few other project mates). He is only 19 but he impressed me in every way. I have not seen many young teenagers as disciplined (and old school haha) as him, he has a diary to log down daily goals and achievements. Just one glance at his diary I know he would go very far in life =)

Note: This article is in Yuchao’s own words.

Yuchao Hong, 19

Aspiring Entrepreneur

 Star Profile

  • A Singapore polytechnic year 1 student (engineering with business)

  • Fun-Loving, daring, optimistic

  • Basketball,  startup, meeting people, self-development
 Life Motto 

  • If you only do what you can do, you will never be more than who you are now



I Aspire To Be An Entrepreneur

The biggest turning point in life was the time when I made the decision to join a Startup Academy Class, despite knowing that I will be lonely in the class. It is one of the most impactful classes I ever went and it made me decide to become a entrepreneur. Right now, my main focus is to build up my personal brand as entrepreneur that younger people would look up to and people will be happy to work with me because of my credibility. 10 years down the road, I wish to be seen as an example used by my lecturers in Singapore Poly to inspire students to become a entrepreneur and also to be featured in 30 under 30 Forbes for influencing youths.

If You Can Be Anyone In This World For 1 Week, Who Do You Want To Be?

If in that one week I can experience his/her mindset and memories other than just doing the things that the person does,  I would want to be Jack Ma. There’s something unique with his personality that I want to learn. He honours failure and does not give in to short term gains but look into long term benefits. He is very certain on what he wants and I also admire his communications skills that he managed to persuade his initial team of Alibaba to stay with him.

What’s Your Future Company About?

My initial idea was to help to provide a one stop service to augment chalet / staycation experience. It will be an technology company specializes in artificial intelligence (AI) where we study your behaviours and interests, and help you design a staycation specially for you.

My biggest challenge now is to find the right team. It’s very difficult to get the right people and it’s even hard for them to share the same vision and join me in my journey. However I learn to make baby steps, always do something that will improve from yesterday. Networking is very important, it might be the best cost-saving skill I have ever learnt.

For now, I’m not sure if I will continue on this project due to several reasons but I will definitely keep exploring and improving myself for future ventures.

Yuchao’s Journey

Yuchao is documenting his journey on his own blog, join him on this quest here.

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