Syairah Kimberley: Creating Is My Passion, Dreaming Is My Work

Syairah Kimberley, 25

Freelance Artist,

 Star Profile

  • A young girl who learns things by herself, loves purple and skulls

  • Independent, funny
 Skills and Passion

  • Drawing, cooking, reading comics (Marvel stories)
 Life Quote

  • Always keep fighting (quote from Jared Padalecki, Supernatural series)

Early Days

Kimberley wanted to be a vet when she grew up. She has this immense love for animals, hamsters and tortoise are her best companies; on random days cats and dogs from neighborhood would stop by her house too. Even all her drawings, mini plush toys on her bags all are animals. However, her dream to be a vet did not come true. Mainly due to academic results she didn’t make it, however when one door closes, another door opens. Kimberley decided to pursue further studies at Institute of Technical Education (ITE), that’s when she had the best time of her life. Kimberley met a couple of great lecturers who helped to shape her career path, whenever she has doubts or problems she would still go back to check with her mentors.

After ITE, Kimberley was admitted to Temasek Polytechnics, which she studied visual merchandising and did apparel design. She loves drawing! Unlike others who chose to continue with fashion side after apparel design, she continued with visual merchandising and picked up on marketing and illustrations.

Post Graduation

An opportunity came quickly after Kimberley’s graduation. She was offered a chance by Learning Out Of The Box (a mathematics tuition centre), to start a math book project caters for primary 1 or 2 kids. This was the first time she had a full book project, she had to handle everything from front to end – book design, illustrations, mathematics questions, book contents, basically everything. English is her favorite subject so that was not a problem, but designing mathematics questions was not as simple as 1+1=2. But she pressed on and had the book out in 4 months. Amazing! I had a look at her book, it is very impressive! A book with over 100 pages (A4 size) with engaging story lines and questions to make learning mathematics more fun, suddenly studying mathematics doesn’t sound that daunting anymore just by looking at the animals illustrations.

Kimberley’s Vision

Kimberley loves the book project and is happily continuing at her third book now. This is another interesting project with a music teacher, together they want to have a more engaging book for autistic children to learn music. She’s talented in doing book illustrations and enjoys visualizing the whole story in her head, words will come to her. She aims to publish her own book in future, and conduct a book project together with her mum, Shirin.


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