Bear Fong: Feng Shui Is An Essence of Chinese Wisdom

Bear Fong, 33

Feng Shui Consultant


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Early Days

Bear Fong came from a small town in Malaysia, Ipoh. He had never thought about venturing into Feng Shui business. Before he was a cabin crew in Singapore Airlines, he was very passionate in mass communication / media. He was trained in Malaysia radio station, that was the time he first learned about Feng Shui from a DJ.

Broadcaster was his dream job. He worked at a national news agency for nearly 3 years, however he still didn’t have the chance to be a broadcaster (or news reader). Not too long later, Bear decided to change career path; he wanted to see the world before the Doomsday in 2012.

From News Media to Flying In The Air

If Doomsday was true, he did not want to leave the world without satisfaction. In his own words, the next opportunity was a bonus from god, “I barely met the criteria (not tall enough and wasn’t fluent with English), they let me in anyway.” That marked the start of his new career which he did not expect to stay for long, a flying life across the world.

A cabin crew life is not as glamorous as what outsiders would think. It is fun to be in different parts of the world, but it is also a very tiring life with not much career progression options. However for some personal reasons, he stayed for 5 years still. A few unhappy events also happened around the same time; he recalled what the Feng Shui DJ had shared with him earlier, all unfolded just like what were predicted.

Venture into Feng Shui Business

Bear decided to study Feng Shui. While many would have misunderstood it as superstitious beliefs, just like how religions could be misunderstood as pagans or devil worships, Feng Shui is actually a part of wisdom from I-Ching (易经). In ancient time majesty used Feng Shui as a way to manage the country, hence it was always protected not to leak to outsiders; hence there are a lot of myths.

Bear saw that he is destined to be on this path. In early 2017, Bear quit his cabin crew job. It was not a decision out of impulse, there were a lot of discussion and research before he quit. He was ready.

Bear took a leap of faith to join Feng Shui business, under the guidance of another Feng Shui master. His business partners focus the market in Malaysia, while Bear is mainly responsible for Singapore market. “There would be stronger demand for Feng Shui in future, other people deserve to know about Feng Shui,” said Bear.


  • We all make choices, but we must be responsible for our choices
  • Everything is an experience
  • We plant the seeds now and wait for natural timing for them to fruit
  • Nothing would last forever, seize the chance while you can
  • Successful business is about providing effective solutions; otherwise the market would eliminate you very soon
  • “天时地利人和”, success occurs when it’s at the right time, at the right place, with the right people
  • “人生要活出价值”, live life, do not waste the gift


 Note: The Feng Shui company name is purposely undisclosed

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