10 Lessons I Learned From Mirastars Project

Since Mirastars project was launched in April, it has finally reached the original target (52 interviews) and it’s now completed! Mirastars was unsearchable at the beginning through Google but now if you Google it you will see relevant results on top. Not bad right! It’s been an exceptionally rewarding journey for personal growth, the best thing is, I got to meet so many exemplary people along the way!


A big shout-out to my family who keeps sharing every single post (you all deserve The Best Supporter Award!), and my friends who contributed a lot of ideas and introduced people for my interviews. Many of you follow Mirastars from the beginning till now, I really cannot thank you enough! The interview project is concluded but Mirastars 2.0 is coming Stay tuned!


Entrepreneurs that I have interviewed


Meanwhile, let me first share with you 10 important lessons I have learned:


1) To Start Is Hard, To Finish Is Even Harder


So easy to start a diet plan, exercise routine, new initiative… so hard to follow through! But there is hardly anything more fulfilling than finish what we started


2) It Is Not About What We Know, It Is About What Are We Willing To Learn


I knew nothing about running business at the start (that’s why I started this project), but running this project was like running an initiative in a way. From website design, marketing, copy-writing, branding to business development (meeting entrepreneurs / organizations) and everything else, the learning curve was steep! Looking back at day one, I had come very far! Of course, still a lot more to learn =)


3) Outside Of Corporate, The World Is Huge And More Complex


Within a company, the number of people / departments / teams that we deal with are limited, and everyone follows similar company culture and values. Hence the size of problems are usually limited, because people follow similar protocols to resolve issues. Outside is a whole new world!


4) Building Relationship Is More Than Just Exchanging Namecards


It is always about following up with people and help each other to build a solid connection, instead of just attending a bunch of networking events and getting name cards.


5) Rejection Is Nothing, Focus On Things We Can Control


I hardly take anything personally and moved on very quickly if someone rejected my interview request. It is so much more valuable to focus on things that I can control rather than dwelling with rejection.


6) Say No Is A Must


I wanted to help and contribute to everyone that I met, unfortunately we all have limited resources (time) and can only focus on that many things at a time. Initially I had hard time saying no to others, I always tried to find way to help; but eventually I figured out it’s more fair to say no upfront so that the other parties can move on quickly to source for someone / something else.


7) Want To Be Persuasive? Be Genuine


To be persuasive is to be genuine. Be genuinely interested in people, people will help us out.


8) Own Time Own Target Is An Art


While I always claimed that I’m very disciplined and great with time management; working on my own schedule was definitely the biggest challenge (and still is)! Setting schedule is one thing, follow through is another thing. Eventually I figured out a more effective way, instead of setting schedule I set daily and weekly targets.


9) Forget About Ego, Just Ask For Opportunities


I put myself out there, knocked on every door that I knew to ask for opportunities, I was selling all the time (subtly or actively); because if we want more yes.. we better ask for it right. Ego? What’s ego? However, we can be eager, aggressive, proactive… but never, never be desperate.


10) Planning Is Great, So As Being Agile


“If we fail to plan, we plan to fail.” It’s always important to plan things out and have big picture in mind, however it is also crucial to be flexible and adaptive for changes. Plan and execute, and keep an open mind for better plans or opportunities.


Now, onto Mirastars 2.0 ❤❤


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