About Mirastars

What is Mirastars?

Mira /ˈmaɪrə/, a red giant star in the constellation of Cetus, holds a very proclaiming name among all stars, also known as “the amazing one”, “miracle star”, “the wonderful star”. We aspire to discover the Mirastars shining brightly among us by taking a peek into their success stories, be inspired and motivated to realise the endless possibilities that lie within the each of us.

We promote entrepreneurship and career development, particularly for youth and young professionals. Not sure what to do after graduation? Feeling lost in your career? We can help you!

Why Do We Build This Sky?

We want to empower ourselves to live our own dreams, by:

  • Uncovering role models among our own social circles
  • Examining how they have accomplished milestones in life and become who they are today
  • Learning from their success paths and avoid costly mistakes
  • Encouraging ourselves to try different things, unleash own potential and be the next Mirastar!

What Do We Offer?

Besides stories from inspiring role models, we conduct workshops and training programs to help youth or young professionals to discover their possibilities. Want to be future ready? Stay ahead at your career? Unleash your own potential? Check out our workshop details here:


About Our Editor / Trainer – Shiangker Wong (SK)

I’m a big believer that we don’t have to be someone special to do something great, we can all achieve a little more than ordinary by taking one step at a time. It is all about how we manage our lives, and these are all learned skills. That’s why I build Mirastars; I hope by revealing role models among us, you would see that everyone can do something great!

I’m a graduate from National University of Singapore, previously a service delivery manager at Credit Suisse. Currently I am a partner of Motivatormob startup, and I help people to build career they love. On leisure side, I’m an ACE (American Council on Exercise) personal trainer, Taekwondo black belt, table tennis player. I read, travel, play music and blog (my website www.shiangker.com was awarded top 75 Feedspot personal development blog in 2017).