Career For Students

Feeling Unsure About Future?

You are students not sure about what to do next? No worries! You are just right at the starting point =) There is no need to worry too much about what do you have to do in the future, instead we suggest you to:

  • Explore: Go out and explore! Do something different every week, if not at least every month. It does not matter if it’s for entertainment, exercise, learning, academic or anything! Be curious about other people / cultures / places, do something that you are not good at
  • Learn: Pick one or two thing that you are truly interested in and invest time to learn! Stick to your hobbies for a few years, be really good at them. If you are good at nothing now, perfect time to start
  • Make Friends: Surround yourself with people that can have positive influence on you; learn from role models; smile and go make friends!

Invest In Yourself First

By the time you are ready to join adulthood, you would have picked up a lot of useful skills and collected many personal experiences that others don’t have. These are very practical and useful! You would have better idea how you want your future to be. To fast track your journey, join us for below workshops:

  • Workshop I – Find Your Way 
    • Identify your personalities and core values
    • Explore interest areas and strengths
    • Compare entrepreneurship with corporate jobs
    • Identify value-matching career paths
    • Find out what skills to pick up for different paths
  • Workshop II – Win At The Starting Point 
    • Construct personal brand to differentiate yourself
    • Create a powerful online presence
    • Take a professional profile picture
    • Write a solid resume
  • One-on-One Consultation
    • Individual consultation sessions available as well, please check with us for availability


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My Own Journey

  • I’m a big believer that we don’t have to be someone special to do something great, we can all achieve a little more than ordinary by taking one step at a time. It is all about how we manage our lives, and these are all learned skills.

    I’m very fortunate to have a colorful life 🙂 I have traveled to ~30 countries and read >170 books since I started working few years back. Being a big fitness freak who puts overall wellness as first priority, active lifestyle is my way of living – ran >2500km in 5 years, a Taekwondo black-belt, a table tennis player and an ACE certified personal trainer.

    I started my own coaching business, Mirastars in 2017, besides being a partner of Motivatormob startup. Previously I was a Service Delivery Manager with Credit Suisse for 5.5 years, after graduating from National University of Singapore (School of Computing). At age of 28, I was one of the youngest project managers to obtain Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate.

    During leisure time, I study about investment, listen to music, blog about personal stories and play guitar occasionally.

Why Should You Attend Our Workshops?

You are students who

  • have no idea what to do after graduation, worried about making the wrong decision
  • are committed to have a career that you can enjoy and make money at the same time, because talents shouldn’t be wasted
  • are not sure how to transition from student to career-ready professional

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