Career For Young Professionals

Is Finding A Job Hard?

Just graduated? Had been working for a few years? Young professionals, do you know:

  • Thousands of fresh graduates coming out from school every year, why should companies hire you?
  • How to have a head start compare to your peers?
  • How to always have a career while others are worrying about losing jobs?

Things That HR / Employers / Career Centre Won’t Tell You About

  • Applying jobs through job portals is the least effective way to get hired
  • Networking is the golden key to career success
  • Academic excellence is not the highest priority in hiring
  • Job description doesn’t always mean your actual job scope
  • There are rooms to negotiate for a better employment package

It’s time to debunk all these.

Not Just A Job, We Want To Help You Build Career You Love

  • Workshop I – Find Your Way
    • Identify your personalities and core values
    • Explore interest areas and strengths
    • Identify value-matching career paths
    • Compare entrepreneurship with corporate jobs
    • Find out what skills to pick up for different paths
  • Workshop II – Get Head Start In Your Future Career
    • Construct personal brand to differentiate yourself
    • Create a powerful online presence
    • Take a professional profile picture
    • Write a solid resume
  • Workshop III – Win That Job
    • Find out how to be hired besides applying online
    • Prepare for job interviews
  • Workshop IV – Fast Track Your Career
    • Find out how to be a street-smart person
    • Identify things to pay attention to at work
  • Workshop V – Be An Entrepreneur
    • Find out what it takes to be an entrepreneur
    • Translate ideas and visions into lean business plan
  •  One-on-One Consultation
    • Individual consultation sessions available as well, please check with us for availability



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My Own Career Transformation

  • I know how intimidated it is for a fresh grad that has nothing (actually, negative figures because of student loan) to venture into career life, because it was also my experience 6 years ago. I started with -SGD$40k in my bank, an average GPA that most people can beat, but I managed to land at a job with an investment bank.
  • By the time I left, I had multiple roles in the company, promoted to Assistant Vice President, and delivered a lot of key projects. It was a good career with nothing much to complain. However, good is the enemy of great. I left a job that many other people would line up to grab; because I deserve a chance to build a better career!
  • After months of exploration and learning from others, I figured out what my ideal career path would be. I have been sharing my knowledge for several years on my personal website, this is something I’m truly passionate about. My audience enjoys it and people value it (awarded as the top 75 personal development blog by Feedspot); it is very rewarding to know that someone loves my articles or learns something from my website!
  • Coming from corporate background and spent >6 months actively involved in Singapore startup scenes, I learned both sides of the career now (be employed / be entrepreneur). I want to share with you how to have a career you truly enjoy, just like mine 🙂

Why Should You Attend Our Workshops?

You are young professionals who

  • have no idea what to do after graduation, worried about making the wrong decision
  • are committed to have a career that you can enjoy and make money at the same time, because talents shouldn’t be wasted
  • just don’t want to be the next person who works so hard but gets frustrated at work all the time
  • want to know about shortcut to career success
  • deserve a career transformation to something more fulfilling

You want to start a new business, but

  • not sure how to start
  • worried about lack of resources and support


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